The new school boards are pushing back against the bureaucratic systems that prioritize social justice over the needs of students.


You are now able to listen to articles from Fox News! The American education system is slowly deteriorating, and the public breakdown of the National School Boards Association in 2021 contributed to this decline. As the NSBA loses influence, a new national network of reformist school board associations is emerging, prioritizing academic achievement and parents’ rights. NSBA had quietly shaped school board agendas for years, promoting social justice, institutional racism, and other controversial topics. However, their political biases became apparent in 2021 when they asked the Biden administration to silence parents who criticized their policies. In contrast, a parents’ rights group is criticizing curriculums promoting “queer-affirming” principles. According to the NSBA, speaking out against critical race theory and mask mandates at school board meetings could be seen as acts of domestic terrorism. Therefore, parents who disagree should be scrutinized by federal agencies such as the FBI, Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security under the Patriot Act. In a previous version of the NSBA letter, there was a request for military police from the National Guard. Following this, Attorney General Merrick Garland promptly instructed the FBI and Department of Justice to form task forces to conduct investigations in each federal judicial district. Parents Defending Education’s report later exposed that the NSBA, in collaboration with the White House, acted on behalf of the Biden administration’s Department of Education to draft the letter. NSBA had turned into a vehicle for government control rather than a supporter of student education. After facing backlash from the public, NSBA attempted to retract the letter and issued an apology to its members, but did not apologize to the parents it had singled out.


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