Grant Shapps is taking a strong stance against the military’s diversity policies that he perceives as too focused on being ‘woke’.


Grant Shapps has mandated a comprehensive assessment of diversity and inclusion measures in the military. Credit for the image goes to Wiktor Szymanowicz of Future Publishing via Getty Images. Grant Shapps, the Defence Secretary, believes that the British Army has been influenced by a progressive and radical culture, as evidenced by plans to ease security checks for foreign recruits in order to enhance diversity. The military’s 2023 Race Action Plan, as reported by The Sunday Telegraph, criticizes security vetting as a major obstacle for non-UK individuals seeking to join the Army, and pledges to address this issue. GB News reports that recruitment goals have not been met consistently by the British Armed Forces in the last ten years, and only 14% of the regular army is comprised of ethnic minorities. Liberarse de su burbuja cerrada. Subscribe and save to receive the truth and analysis from various viewpoints beyond just the news. Register for The Week’s complimentary email updates. Receive the top stories from The Week directly in your inbox, including a morning news briefing and a weekly Good News Newsletter. Described as “nothing short of dangerous madness.” In a letter to the defence secretary published in The Telegraph, 12 former senior military officers criticized the relaxed vetting policy as dangerous and reckless amid the prevalence of extremism. They expressed concerns that focusing on diversity and inclusion in defense policies was leading to a moral decline and weakening the Armed Forces. They warned that the emphasis on racial diversity may deter qualified individuals from joining the military. In a separate article in the Daily Express, Shapps stated that a “woke culture” has infiltrated public life and is negatively impacting rational discussions.


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