DEI and CRT heavily present in the Pentagon’s progressive schools attended by 70,000 military children


Leaders of the Department of Defense are promoting extremist ideologies centered around social justice and political correctness in military educational institutions. Teachings on ‘white privilege’ are inspired by the principles of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Pentagon’s diversity chief is being investigated for tweets accused of promoting reverse racism. James Reinl is the correspondent for social affairs at Dailymail.Com. Originally released at 11:45 EST on February 12, 803 and revised at 11:50 EST on February 12, 2024. A report suggests that the Pentagon is concealing controversial topics such as gender identity and racial bias being taught to the 70,000 children enrolled in America’s military schools, which is causing concern among many parents. The findings are from researchers at OpenTheBooks. The content taught in classrooms has become a contentious topic in America’s ongoing cultural conflicts. Several parents, including those who are conservative, feel that DEI proponents are pushing their beliefs into schools, leading to children questioning their gender identity or feeling guilty for being white. The military’s educational sector runs 160 schools in various locations. With a yearly budget of $3.2 billion, this organization provides education for over 66,000 students and employs 80,000 educators. It has faced scandals in the past.


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